Online shopping guidance (English / simplified version)

When you want to use our online store in non-Japanese languages.

Our website unfortunately does not have a multi-language function.
Errors occur in the shopping basket and order process pages if you try to use the browser’s translation function.   

If you wish to order, please process it in Japanese. Please open the same page in another tab/window and then use translation function on it to understand the product information and each guidance page.

Although some items could be partially missing, it would also be helpful for you to find the relevant product information on the Global LUSH websites in the desired language. 

Please find the details of the online shopping guidance by translating this Japanese page.


Ordering process

  1. Register your account.

  2. Register your address to Address book in My account. *ONLY Japanese address is accepted.

  3. Put all of your items into the basket and proceed to the order process. 

  4. Check and confirm the order content, item numbers and customer information and choose your payment type. 

  5. Check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, tick ‘Agree’ to confirm your order. 

  6. Input your credit card information on the next page if you choose to pay by card. 

  7. ‘Confirmation email’ will be sent to the registered email address, and ‘Dispatch notice email’ will be sent on the dispatched day.

*You cannot change the order content after confirming. If you made a mistake and wish to cancel the order, please email us as quickly as possible with your order number starting with ‘JP-LW-’, and let us know the cancellation. 
*We accept orders through emails if you live in Japan. You can either use the ‘NP postpay’ or ‘Cash on delivery (commission fee: 210 yen).
email address:  [email protected]

How long does it take for the delivery to arrive? 

We dispatch items on the day or next day at the shortest. 

Our standard for the same day dispatch: Orders made by 9 am on the day.
*If the payment type is the NP postpay, the order should pass screening by 9 am to make the same day dispatch. 

Your order will be delivered in 4 days time under usual circumstances. 

However, ordered products are dispatched from our manufacturing factory in Kanagawa prefecture, and we do not have a large number of stocks as we always want to deliver customers the freshest items. Therefore, please note that not all items may be ready and dispatched immediately. 

■ Other circumstances that items may take longer to arrive
If the order includes make-to-order items. 
If the items are out of stock or we had excessive numbers of orders at the same time. 
If we need to go through more checks after the NP postpay screening process.  
If any wrong or missing inputs in address, order content or selected payment type and requires check ups. 
We also notify that more time may be needed for the delivery during year end/new year, campaign period and busy seasons. 

*Please also note that it will take about a week to arrive in the below areas.
‘Hokkaido area’- Rishiri-gun and Rebun-gun  ‘Izu and Ogasawara islands’ - all area 


Payment Method

● Credit card, Alipay, and Paypal
*If an error message is shown, please try another credit card or contact your credit card company directly.

● Cash on delivery*: A method of paying the delivery person in cash when the item arrives. Fee of 210 yen will be charged.

● Transfer (NP postpay) *: A method of paying at the convenience store, etc. using the transfer form that has been mailed to you after the product arrives. Review is required for its use. A short-stay address cannot be used.

*This payment method is only available for the residents in Japan. 
We will need to cancel the order when the billing or shipping address is that of a lodging place or a public facility.

*Please translate and read the "Payment method details(お支払い方法詳細)" section here for the fees and details of each payment method. 

*LUSH gift card and Spa vouchers can only be used in the stores.


■  Restrictions on payment methods

Please note that we may contact you for confirmation or limit the choice of payment method due to our order review process required by the company regulations. Also, we may contact you to ask to change the payment method or cancel it, according to the terms of use.
In the following case, please pay by bank transfer (prepayment) or cash on delivery (fee 210 yen) at your expense.

  • When the order exceeds the amount of price set by us

In the following case, please pay by bank transfer (prepayment) at your expense.

  • When the total price of the order of cash on delivery exceeds the amount set by us


Shipping overseas

Although we do not ship outside Japan, we can deliver overseas by using the overseas shipping service of Tenso.com, our recommended international forwarding service.

Please make sure to confirm the terms of use, usage guide and precautions of LUSH as well as Tenso.com before using the service.


Orders that include the use of other forwarding services or products that cannot be accepted at Tenso.com will be cancelled.
Eg. Perfumes or body sprays that contain alcohol, and any products that require the use of refrigerated courier service.
Please beware that we cannot accept returns or exchanges when Tenso.com has been used.
We cannot compensate or refund if the transferred product is defective or damaged, or if the product is returned to Japan for any reason.

How to Use

 1. Register at Tenso.com website.

 2. Japanese address for delivery is provided from Tenso.com

 3. Create an account in this website (LUSH website)

 4. Register the address provided in 2 at the Address book of My Account

 5. Begin with Step 3 of Ordering Process

*Please register your own email address and full name.
*If you live outside of Japan, please register the address of Step 2 as both billing and shipping addresses.
*If you already have your account, please begin with Step 4 after the login.

【LUSH JAPAN Terms of Use】
Please note that even if you use the designated forwarding agent, we may not be able to ship your order if it is determined that it falls under Article 7 (Standards on receipt of orders). 


Refunds and Returns 

Defective or damaged products, or delivery of incorrect products

While we make every effort in product management, storage, and delivery, in the event of any delivery of a defective or damaged product or of an incorrect product, we will accept refunds and returns, with return shipping covered at our cost. When returning a product for the customer’s own reasons, the customer must cover the cost of return shipping. Contact to [email protected] if you desire a refund or return. 


Before any return, please make sure that you notify us.

Refunds and returns after shipping must be made within 30 days from the date of shipping.

Since Whole Soaps are made especially for each customer when ordered, we are unable to accept refunds or returns for them except in cases of defective or damaged products.

We are unable to accept refunds or returns of products forwarded or transferred from the delivery address.

We are unable to accept refunds or returns for some special products.

We are unable to accept refunds or returns made repeatedly, those judged to be made in bad faith or malicious intent, or those judged to be in violation of the Terms of Use.

We do not accept returns and exchanges once the product is taken overseas, for our products are manufactured on the assumption that it will be used in Japan, thus its quality cannot be guaranteed.

Our Privacy Policy

Our Terms of Use

◆Please contact Customer Care [email protected] for further inquiries.

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