The classic dad bod

Santa's Belly Santa's Belly

Shower Jelly

The classic dad bod
santas belly christmas shower jelly


It ’s so exciting that it ’s exciting and exciting! This is a limited shower jelly with a fruity scent suitable for the exciting atmosphere of Christmas.
Santa Claus is full of grape juice and apple juice to cleanse the skin. Shake and lather your lumpy stomach like a bowl full of delicious jelly.

“Santa's Berry” is a combination of rose absolute to make your skin healthy and carrageenan extract with excellent moisturizing effect. It ’s fat like a dad ’s stomach, but it ’s spicy with anise seeds and neroli. It's a great Christmas, so why not try to pamper yourself with your favorite scent? The only secret here is that when Santa Claus is giving away presents to everyone, as a reward for himself, he eats a delicious treat while hitting the fireplace. Let's have a pleasant shower time and satisfy your skin and mind.

■ How to use
Either slide the whole body directly, or take an appropriate amount and foam well with a sponge. Can be used in refrigerator or freezer.

The unique textured shower jelly is also a great gift for Christmas events.

■ Aroma
Bergamot, rose, neroli and apple juice spread fruity and fresh. It has the same scent as the bath bomb (bath) “Snow White and Apple” and the limited body lotion “Once Upon A Time”.

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■ When is Christmas?
Christmas celebrated on December 25 every year. 2019 will be Wednesday. The English word “Christmas” comes from the word “Christ”. It is said to be “a holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ”, but there are several theories in Christianity on the birth date, and the festival “Birthday of the Immortal Sun” that went to the winter solstice for the decision It is said to be deeply related.
 As a way of spending Christmas in Japan, it is common to give Christmas presents from the 24th to the 25th. It's also a day of love.

※ This product contains lame. Please note that depending on the product, the lame may remain on the skin for several days.

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