Relax in lavender


Snowman Dreaming Snowman Dreaming

Bath Bomb

Relax in lavender
white snowman shaped bath bomb with blue, pink and yellow colours on its side


A limited number of bath bombs in the shape of a snowman, with plenty of lavender that fills the bathroom with a dreamy gentle scent.

If you put it in hot water, you can enjoy the rainbow-colored bath art reminiscent of the dream world drawn by a snowman.

"Snowman Dreaming", which has a cute shape and a gentle scent, is also recommended as a small gift for friends or as a gift for exchanging gifts.
> Let's make an original gift with the rush furoshiki "Knot Wrap"

■ Fragrance
The soothing scent of lavender, which is perfect for a gentle dreaming snowman, spreads in the bathroom.

■ How to use
Put one in the hot water in the bathtub and enjoy the luxurious bath time that will blow away the tiredness of the day while enjoying the faint scent.

■ When is Christmas?
Christmas celebrated on December 25th. 2020 is Friday.
<You will be "Secret Santa" this Christmas !?>
"Secret Santa" is a method of exchanging gifts with family and friends.
① Decide the participants, budget, and gift exchange date. ② Before the exchange date, decide who will give the present by lottery. (It is absolutely secret who I was in charge of Santa Clause) ③ The representatives will gather on the day and give out presents to each person.
You can choose the perfect gift for the recipient while you are at home. You can also choose the gift recipient, so you can deliver the gift directly to the recipient's house! You can enjoy exchanging gifts even if you are far away.

This item will be delivered in a shipping box without a package as shown in the photo.

Please fill in the "Request" column of the order process if you want a small bag.
About rush to reduce plastic

※This is a lame product. Please note that some products may leave lamé on your skin for several days.

19 種類の原材料

ラッシュは創立以来、化粧品のための動物実験に対して、反対の声を上げ続けています。私たちは、いかなる理由においても、動物実験をしていない取引先からのみ原材料や資材を購入しています。 詳細。

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